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Beijing has announced a no swimming and no fishing zone, with a maximum penalty of 20000 yuan for riverside barbecue!


Summer is coming! Everyone likes to go to cool places like the lake and the river.

Beijing Water Authority reminded the public to pay attention to whether swimming, fishing and barbecues are prohibited in the playing area, so as to jointly maintain good order.

No swimming area:

1. Miyun Reservoir Area (including inner lake area and downstream regulating pool of Baihe main dam);

2. Jingmi diversion canal (including Tuancheng Lake);

3. Mingqu section of South to North Water Transfer;

4. Huairou reservoir area;

5. Zhaitang reservoir area;

6. Daning reservoir area;

7. Sanjiandian regulating pool;

8. Other waters specified by laws and regulations.

No fishing area:

1. Class I protection area of surface drinking water source;

2. Miyun reservoir, Huairou reservoir, Guanting reservoir (within Beijing boundary, including Guishui West Lake), Shunyi section of Chaobai River (Niulanshan gate to Henan Village Gate), Jianhe River;

3. Non fishing area in the park.

No fishing area during closed season

1. 179 rivers including the North Canal, Chaobai River (except the section at the border with Hebei Province), Yongding River (except the section at the border with Hebei Province) and the inner lake of Miyun reservoir are prohibited from fishing throughout the year;

2. 40 reservoirs and lakes, including Miyun reservoir (excluding the inner lake of Miyun Reservoir), Huairou reservoir and Haizi reservoir, are prohibited from fishing from 0:00 on April 1 to 24:00 on September 24 every year;

3. It is forbidden to fish from 12:00 on May 16 to 12:00 on July 31 in Yongding River (inside the boundary between Daxing District and Hebei Province) and Chaobai River (inside the boundary between Shunyi District and Tongzhou District and Hebei Province);

4. Guanting reservoir (in Beijing streets) is in accordance with “the notice on adjusting the fishing ban period of Guanting reservoir” (Beijing Municipal Bureau of Agriculture [2016] No. 79), and fishing is prohibited from April 1 to August 15 every year.

Related penalties

Beijing Water Authority, together with other departments, have launched a special campaign for river and lake environment improvement since April 11 this year, dissuading illegal and uncivilized behaviors and imposing fines on violations of laws and regulations.

Up to now, the water department has carried out 3388 law enforcement inspections and 212 joint law enforcement, dispatched 9375 law enforcement personnel, filed, investigated and punished 86 cases, and fined more than 100 thousand yuan, effectively maintaining the order of water affairs.

The water department recommends that the public work together to maintain the river and lake water environment. It also reminds the public that if uncivilized behaviors such as open barbecue and littering will be punished accordingly. Any groups or individuals who barbecue in the open air will be punished with a fine of more than 20 yuan but less than 20000 yuan; if the public litter around, they will be fined with a fine of more than 20 yuan but less than 50 yuan.


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