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Happy Valley in Beijing opens on May 1


Beijing Happy Valley announced last night that the scenic area will be reopened from May 1, with normal business hours from 9 to 18, and the "May 1" holiday period from 9 to 18:30.

The instantaneous total number of people in Happy Valley of Beijing will be controlled at 30% of the maximum instantaneous carrying capacity of the scenic spot. No matter what the tourists are those who buy tickets, who are the annual card holders or who are free of tickets, they must make an appointment in advance.

Tourists need to wear masks, check body temperature before entering the park, show the itinerary and health code within 14 days, and enter the park only after passing the verification.

In the process of visiting the park, tourists should cooperate with the staff’s arrangement, do not gather, and keep a safe distance of more than 1.5m from others. According to the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, all indoor projects, some large-scale projects, performing arts projects, closed restaurants and other projects and performances that may cause close gathering of tourists are temporarily closed. Tourists can learn relevant information through the official platform in advance, and the specific situation is subject to the on-site announcement.


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