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The Military Museum: Digital Exhibition Hall of Military History


The Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution is the first comprehensive military museum in China. The exhibition building has a building area of 159 thousand square meters and a display area of nearly 60 thousand square meters. The main building is 94.7 meters high, with four floors on both sides of the north and the south. The top of the building is equipped with a huge PLA military emblem with a diameter of 6 meters. There are 43 exhibition halls (areas) in the museum.

The cultural relics collected in the military museum mainly reflect the military history of the Chinese people's Liberation Army, the ancient and modern military history of China and the world military history. The characteristic cultural relics in the collection are weapons, military uniforms, badges and military works of art. There are more than 180 thousand sets of cultural relics and 1793 sets of first-class products. The collection of cultural relics includes airplanes, artillery, ships, missiles, firearms, ammunition, cold weapons, medals, badges, seals, coins, pottery, porcelain, utensils, clothing, flags, documents, notes, etc. Representative cultural relics include Qin terracotta warriors, iron beryllium of Western Han Dynasty, hook inlay of Han Dynasty, copper and tiger amulet of Sui Dynasty, bronze gun during the Zhizheng period of Yuan Dynasty, bronze gun in 10th year of Hongwu of Yuan Dynasty, ivory waist pass of Ming Dynasty, super cannon of Qing Dynasty, iron cannon of Taiping Heavenly Kingdom, Zuo Zongtang seal, Ding Ruchang's robe, "Zhenyuan" ship anchor, bronze gun made by Jinling Machinery factory, Gatlin shutter, officer’s sword of Ye Ting, Zhu De's pistol, Mao Zedong's leather leg binding to Yuan Wencai, He Long’s seal, the first radio station of the Red Army, the seal of the Central Revolutionary Military Commission, Zhou Enlai's Red Star Medal, iron chain of Luding Bridge, mortar used to kill Abe Kihide in Huangtuling Battle, Yang Jingyu’s seal, Zuo Quan’s revolver, sabre handed in by Japanese general Okamura Yasuji when he represented Japan to surrender during WWII, the first tank “Gongchenhao” of China’s army, the key to the gate of Beijing, Huang Jiguang's North Korean Gold Star Medal, The MiG-15 fighter driven by Wang Hai, gunboat in Toumenshan War, U2 Airplain and so on.

Exhibition unit: Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution

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