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Excellent Children's Books for You to Enjoy Parent-Child Time


A good book is like a key to the heart. Recently, the children's start of school has been delayed, and the time for parents to start work has also been delayed. It's better to take advantage of this time to read together with your children. Parents can not only increase knowledge, but also promote the relationship between parents and children, and better understand your children. Children don't like serious books. They like story books with pictures, interesting and vivid! The author has prepared some excellent children's books for parents.

The Little Prince


It is a famous short story of children's literature written by Saint-Exupéry in 1942. The protagonist of this book is the little prince from the outside world. In the book, a pilot is used as the narrator to narrate the adventures of the little prince in his journey from his own planet to the earth. From the perspective of children, the author reveals the emptiness, blindness, foolishness and rigid dogma of adults, and writes about the lonely and rootless fate of human beings with simple words. At the same time, it also expresses the author's criticism of money and praise of kindness. This book is translated by Ms. Mei Sifan, which is regarded as the best translation in China so far.


Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is a French aviator and writer. He is the author of the famous fairy taleThe Little Prince. He is fond of adventure and freedom all his life. He is an aviator who dedicates his whole life to the cause of Air France. In addition to flying, he uses writing to explore the loneliness in the soul. HisThe Little Prince is known as "the book whose reading rate is second only to that of the Bible". Other works includeCourrier Sud (1928),Vol De Nuit (1931),Terre Des Hommes (1939),Pilote De Guerre(1942), etc.

The Royal Rabbit


Simon Sebag Montefiore, a British historian, novelist and author of "Jerusalem: the biology", and Kate Hindley, a famous illustrator, have spent six years creating a series of contemporary fantasy novels for children. This is a story of hero rabbits in the theme of courage, adventure and love. It is illustrated with 50 exquisite color pictures and royal style decorations; it is written in lively language and full of life wisdom, touching the pure heart of children.The Royal Rabbit: to Be a Secret Agent tells us that there has been an organization of mysterious rabbits since King Arthur. They are made up of the brightest and bravest elite rabbits of all ages, who have vowed to be loyal to the British royal family forever. Centuries later, they are forgotten. Until one day, a little rabbit named Shiloh overhears a plot against the queen! He summons up his courage to go to London and embark on the road to find the Royal rabbit…The Royal Rabbit: Flee from Prison

tells us that the world is becoming more and more complex, and the rise of evil forces has brought unprecedented challenges to the Royal Rabbit. They and the Fox Club at No. 10 Downing Street underground and Jack Rabbit at the White House underground fight against the evil forces that use the Internet to invade the royal family. In the famous Shard Buildingin London, the terrible evil forces conspire to kidnap Shiloh and create a great chaos. However, the Royal Rabbit and its allies disagrees on the plan to save Shiloh and protect the royal family.


Simon Sebag Montefiore is the author of the book"Jerusalem: the biology" which won an awardof10thNational Library of ChinaWenjin Book Award, a researcher of the Royal Society of literature, a historian graduated from Cambridge, a BBC Documentary host and a war correspondent, who has been granted exclusive access to the top secret files of the British royal family. “News Weekly” commented that his erudition and wisdom made people want to recommend him to the US Secretary of State and hire him as an assistant. Simon Sebag Montefiore is a famous British novelist whose works have been translated into more than 40 languages and published.

Half an Hour to Understand the History of China: 4th


Reading half an hour's comics can understand 5000 years of Chinese history. Using comics to interpret history is a new way.Half an Hour to Understand the History of China: 4th is the fourth in the series ofHalf an Hour to Understand the History of China.

Just by hand drawing and jokes, Chen Lei (pen name: Er Hunzi) figures out the clear context of the history of the Five Dynasties, the Ten Kingdoms and the Song and Yuan Dynasties. The history of the Five Dynasties and the Ten Kingdoms was like a square dance performance, with small countries fighting against each other in turns; the Song Dynasty often lost in wars, but its economy was very prosperous; in the middle of the Yuan Dynasty, there were many internal struggles, with Nine Emperors in only 38 years… Looking through superficial historical representations of the complicated history and omitting the unimportant details, the author includes a joke about classic content in each page, which makes you laugh once every three seconds. The hand-painted emperors and heroes are always lovely and cute. Yue Fei, Zhao Kuangyin, Song Huizong, Kublai Khan, Genghis Khan, all like you and me, have advantages and disadvantages, friends and enemies, and they burst out incredible energies at the critical moment of history, which has made five thousand years of splendid Chinese history.Open the book. You can unconsciously know the history while laughing.


Chen Lei, the founder of comic science popularization, has founded several official accounts, including “HunziSays”,“Huanzi Talks about Money”,“Attractive Mini-classes, and“Hunzi Talks about Life”, and attracted 7 million fans of the whole network. The total reading volume is over 250 million people, and he has won the Title of the New Writer of the Year and the Most Popular Reading Ambassador of the year.

Museum of Wonders: Plant Museum


It is a volume ofMuseum of Wonders, a large-scale atlas of science popularization series, and is committed to building a paper museum that is open to all people all year round. Continuing the standard of this series, with the clue of "entering the museum", the book perfectly integrates rigorous and authoritative scientific content with romantic and retro illustrations; each chapter is like an independent exhibition hall, displaying a unique group in the plant kingdom. The author, as an interpreter, guides the readers to go through billions of years to look at the history of plant development, from algae, 3.8 billion years ago, to gymnosperms, 350 million years ago, to angiosperms, 140 million years ago, from microorganisms with a single cell to towering trees up to 20 floors and from daily plants everywhere to rare exotic plants. More than

200kinds of plants with different shapes and colors gather here to show the development process of the plant kingdom with their various forms.Here, you can appreciate the shape of early plants, explore the mystery of the internal operation of plants, and understand how plants live. It contains the restoration map of fossils of plants of hundreds of millions of years ago, clear multi angle profile map of plants, and unusual life cycle map of plants. The plant secrets and artistic illustrations tell the evolution of plants in billions of years.


The writer is Kathy Willis, a PHD. in Botany of Cambridge University, professor researcher of Merton College, director of science affairs of Royal Botanical Garden, professor of biodiversity at Oxford University, director general of International Biogeography Association. She has researched and taught for 25 years o in Cambridge University and Oxford University. She won the Royal Society Michael Faraday Award in 2015. She lives in Oxford, England, with her three children, two rabbits, a gecko, a dog and her patient husband.

The illustrator is Katie Scott, a talented new star in the British illustrator industry. She graduated from the University of Brighton in 2011 and majored in illustration. Her classical realistic skills are inspired by the art of Ernst Haeckel, a German zoologist and philosopher. Her works have both the mystery of natural science and the ideological nature of dialectical materialism, which often makes the picture an unparalleled work of art. Scott has always cooperated with BBC, New York Times, Global Records, Nike and other international brands. She designed the cover of the album from British independent rock band “Bombay Bicyle Club” and it has been nominated for best cover by NME Music Awards. Scott also teamed up with the H&M design team to launch a series of limited children's clothing, including patterns of hummingbirds, insects, whales and lizards to show the wild nature in a dreamlike perspective.

A Night Tour with an Orange Cat in the Forbidden City


The Forbidden City, with red walls and yellow tiles, is awakened by a small orange cat in the middle of the night. The carvings on the roof of Taihe Hall have gained life. In Chang Yi's book, they are lively playmates and friends full of personality. Dragon, as the legend describes,is a model of divine power, but it acquires unique skills for playing, and thus it keeps a strong body and child-like heart at the same time; phoenix, under its proud appearance, hides a good heart and likes to help others by singing songs; the powerful and serious copper lion, as the "guard" of the Forbidden City, pays attention to personal image, and even if it has to queue up all night, it still sticks toregular haircuts; the

legend seahorse becomes a lifeguard, and it never complains about always rescuing the wild cat that falls into the water; the legend horse, who has a strong power, with its strong sense of justice and infinite courage, scares suchevils as yellow weasels. An orange cat and five legend animals of the Forbidden City begin a fantastic story about childishness, bravery and imagination.


The author is Chang Yi, born in Beijing, Manchu, a famous fairy tale writer of the new generation and member of SCBWI. She won the Fairy Tale Award of New Works of Bing Xin Children's Literature in 2008. In 2015, the fairy tale series, "the Legend Animals in the Forbidden City", was published, which is the first fairy tale about the Forbidden City. It was selected into “One Hundred Excellent Publications” recommended by the State Press and Publication Administration to the national youth in 2018.

Painter Chen Hao, post-90s, born in Beijing, Han nationality, graduated from animation major of Communication University of China. He is a designer, illustrator, sculptor, specimen lover andmaster of making prototypes of animals. He has participated in writing the script and making 3D models of stop-motion animationGiant Baby, and he was also a designer of the 3D models, garage kits, and sculptures of movies, such as Candle in the Tomb and Mojin: The Lost Legend. He is fond of insects and many small animals. He also likes collecting bizarre things.

Adventures of Super Flying Knights


The book is a new set of animated storybook based on the sixth season of Super Flying knights. It is suitable for 3-year-old to 6-year-old children. There are 6 volumes in total, with two stories in each volume. It leads children to visit 12 different places, learning the knowledge of world geography and culture, and opening up a global vision!

The equipment of the knight team is upgraded and they come out with their new appearances. Ten new roles and five star teams are on the stage for the first time, and the cool shapes make the children marvel. There is a new international airport, five new runways,twenty new facilities… High-teach devices ignite fans' enthusiasm.

The story of the sixth season is on the market, with new adaptations and beautiful designs. The adapted animation story is more compact and interesting; it contains more than 100 high-definition 3D pictures, which highly restores the effect of the animation, making the children seem to be in the mini-world of those knights’.

It covers five continents, sea, land and air, including cosmopolitan metropolis Moscow, beautiful island country Palau of South Pacific, mysterious outer space…Children can follow the characters to meet children from all over the world in the magical journey and learn interesting knowledge of cultural geography.

Grandpa Na Tells the Story of Cultural Relics


The author Na Zhiliang publishes this series of books for the children based on his 70 years’ study of the Forbidden City. Using the scene and language of life, he narrates the history of cultural relics and shows their kindness and authenticity, letting the history enter children's daily life and cultural relics “talk” with children. It is suitable for primary school students to read on their own, as a popular science book of cultural relics with its characteristics of being practical and beautiful.

In the Bronze ware, is "Dou" equal to the present bowl with high feet? Is "Yao" the ancient pot? Why did the ancients use "Pan" to wash their hands? The world of bronze ware is so hard to understand.Thebird pattern,dragon pattern, patterns of human figures and other patterns that can't be read by people are really hard to understand! Grandpa Na creates Xiao Lin and Xiao Wen's family in the book. In the days of visiting the museum, facing the problems of two children, their mom and dad always have a way. They tell some knowledge about cultural relics to their children based on their interests. The two children learn a lot, such as the main types, sources and uses of bronzes.

In the Jade Ware,is jadeite very hard? Is nephrite very soft? Is collecting jade as simple as collecting stones? Why do Chinese people have great bearing as the old saying says “turning war into silk”? In the distant history, the ancestors left a few polished stones, and unconsciously the culture of jade have been handed down in China for thousands of years.


Na Zhiliang, 1908-1998, also known as Xin Ru, a Manchu, was born in Beijing. He is a famous expert in ancient artifacts and an important witness in the history of founding the Forbidden City museum. He has diligently guarded the Forbidden City for 70 years, but he is honest and upright all his life, and there are no cultural relics in his house. When he was young, he was recommended by Mr. Chen Yuan, one of the four historians in China, to “The Committee of Handling Left Issues of the Qing Dynasty", and since then he has made an indissoluble bond with the Forbidden City. He has guarded the national treasure of the Forbidden City for 70 years, during which he has participated in a series of major jobs such as cultural relics relocation to the South and London art exhibition. He is praised as the number one expert of the Forbidden City and the person who lives and dies with cultural relics. He is committed to editing various cultural relics and atlas and popularizing knowledge of cultural relics. In academic research, he is recognized as a top expert of jade at home and abroad. He has taught ancient utensils in many universities, and his works includeThe General Interpretation of Jade, The General Interpretation of Royal Seal, The General Examination of Stone Drums, and The Seventy Years of Guarding National Treasures in the Forbidden City.

Tales from Dimwood Forest


The world in the Dimwood forest can be called a universe! It is divided into three regions, the Dimwood forest with few people, the forest area around which is sparsely populated, and the densely populated city of Amber.There are many kinds of residents here: ragweed family, poppy family, beaver family,porcupines, owls, fox family, bat family… With the growth of poppy family as the main line, they are intertwined with each other.This is a "panoramic novel of animals".

Avi, winner of the Newbery Medal for Literature for three times, has created six wonderful stories, spanning three regions and four generations of life. From the perspective of children, he shows the different living environments of animal residents and their growing confusion, development opportunities, pursuit of ideals, challenges to rights, conflicts and reconciliation between parents and children, etc. The writer includes his real family life into the story, sometimes deep, sometimes turbulent, sometimes beautiful, sometimes plain and moving.


Avi is a master of children's books in the United States. He has won many international awards, including Newberry Medal, Golden

Kite Award, Children's Choice Award of International Reading Association, Teens’ Choice Award of American Library Association, two times of Horn Book Award of Boston Globe, etc. She was born in 1937 in New York, USA. More than 80 children's works have been published since 1970. From animal adventure novels to children's historical novels, numerous classic works have been created for children.

The painter,Brian Floca, is a famous American children's book writer and illustrator. He graduated from Brown University, an Ivy League school. He once became famous for drawing illustrations for "Tales from Dimwood forest" series. His other masterpieces are Locomotive, Moonshot and Lightship, among which Locomotive won the Randolph Caldecott Medal in 2014.


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