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Yuebin Restaurant


This is the first self-employed restaurant in Beijing since the reform and opening-up policy in China. It is 1 km from Shenwu Gate (the Gate of Devine Might) of the Forbidden City. The specialty dish is Pork Joint with Garlic Sauce, made of cooked-meat sliced and seasoned with garlic sauce and vinegar, stimulating your appetite with the perfect aroma of meat, garlic and vinegar. Wusitong (Rolls with Five Shreds) as the exclusive dish is made of shredded vegetable and meat wrapped in fried egg skin. Just a bite, you will know the essence of this course by having the perfectly mixed egg, oil, meat and vegetable aroma lingering in your mouth. Another must-try is Gluten and Cabbage featuring properly cooked cabbage that is soft but chewy.

Add.: No. 43, Cuihua Hutong 翠花胡同43号

Average cost: 69 Yuan

Opening hours: 11:00-14:00 17:00-21:00, Monday-Sunday


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