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Virtual Tour at Military Museum of Chinese People’s Revolutionary


As the only large comprehensive museum of military history, the Military Museum of Chinese People’s Revolutionary covers an area of over 80,000 square meters, a floor area of more than 60,000 square meters and a display area of above 40,000 square meters. The main building is 94.7 meters high with seven floors in the middle and four floors on both sides.

The museum has a collection of more than 340,000 items of cultural relics and objects, of which there are 1,793 pieces of first-class cultural relics, 250 pieces of large weapons and equipment, over 1,600 pieces of artwork, and 2,551 gifts from foreign military exchange. Major historical and cultural relics include the gilt bronze crossbow mechanism, the anchor of Ironclad Zhenyuan, Ye Ting’s sword, type 38 rifle and the first tank of PLA.



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