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Start of Spring: Floral art brings hope amid virus battle


February 4 marks the Start of Spring, or Lichun in Chinese, which is the first of the 24 solar terms. It signifies that withered winter is gone and warm and vibrant spring has come.

At the beginning of 2020, people's daily lives have changed because of the novel coronavirus outbreak. Some work hard on the frontline to control the spread of the novel coronavirus, while a majority of people stay at home for prevention.

During a long holiday at home, a piece of floral art can bring a feeling of spring to the house.

Flowering plum is a commonly seen plant across China. Resistant to cold and an avid lover of sunshine, it is one of the few plants that bloom in early spring. Although small, its pink flowers densely cover the branch with passion.

Taking flowering plums as the main flower, florist Cherry Ran adorns the high woody plant with herbaceous plants of blue larkspur, yellow tulip and white crow soap.

Larkspur flower looks like swallow, a migratory bird that brings the message of spring to colder places annually, while tulip, born in the vast region of Central Asia and beyond from Turkey to western China and risen to fame in the Netherlands, has now become a resident in numerous gardens across the world.

The colorful flowers are divided into two clusters and presented in a way that they complement each other and make the start of the colorful season full of life and hope.

It is just like a poem by internal alchemist Bai Yuchan in Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1279), which reads, "Spring brings warmth like a good official brings benevolent rule, so that flowers have bloomed and grass has gone green."

The harsh season will go away and these difficulties shall pass, too. Good days are on the horizon as the start of spring marks a new beginning.


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