Traditional imperial wedding exhibition opens in Tianjin


The thematic cultural creative exhibition "Gong Xi - the Dragon and the Phoenix Bring Prosperity" is open free to the public from Dec. 20, 2019 to Feb. 9, 2020 at the ground floor atrium of Teemall, in north China's Tianjin municipality.

The display, organized by the Beijing Palace Museum Culture Communication Limited, showcases cultural creative products related to traditional Chinese imperial weddings.

The exhibition is designed to promote the integrated development of business, tourism and culture at Jinjie, a commercial street in Tianjin. It also aims to spread traditional Chinese culture and help create a jubilant Spring Festival atmosphere.

The experiential exhibition is designed by the Palace Museum Culture and is part of the Gong Xi project, one of three thematic cultural creative projects released by the Palace Museum.

Showcasing imperial wedding ceremonies in the Qing Dynasty, the exhibition consists of authentic recreated scenes, interactive displays, and a cultural creative fair. Visitors can also witness the mock ceremony of an imperial wedding, which begins at the palace gate and is followed by four parts - the entering of the palace, holding the ceremonial scepter "ruyi", dressing up the empress, and the ritual of drinking cross-cupped wine. The exhibition also combines traditional Chinese wedding customs with modern popular wedding celebrations.

The crucial rites and key steps in imperial weddings are highlighted through the displays, which give visitors a better understanding of the traditional notions of faithful and eternal love in imperial Chinese marital culture. Inside the exhibition area, fine cultural creative products of the Palace Museum are also sold. These products mix traditions and fashion together, contain auspicious meanings, and help convey New Year blessings to the public.

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