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Peking BBQ for Chilly Winter


Founded in 1848, Kaorouji is situated close to the picturesque Shichahai Lake scenic area. “When the lotus bloom outside the Di'an Gate, their red petals tantalizing the green reflections of trees in a clear lake, guests sit idly in the shelter of a grand waterside restaurant, some already reduced to a dreamy stupor, and some talking languidly in low voices”—this is a photographic depiction of a summertime Kaorouji.

The restaurant mainly offers Beijing-style grill and halal cuisine. Its most famous house special is roast lamb. The lamb, carefully chosen, is first seasoned and marinated before being laid on the restaurant's specially designed grill. The result is a tender and juicy feast for the palate, which you couldn't stop asking for seconds of. Now, the eatery's lamb-making technique has been listed as one of the "National Intangible Cultural Heritages". Besides, the halal stir-fries there are also quite unique. Dishes with pleasant smell, appearance and taste including sautéed ox tripe with coriander, sea cucumber with mashed chicken, fried prawns, fried mutton fillet in sweet sauce are highly favored by customers.

Address: No.14, Qianhai Dongyan, Dianmenwai Street, Xicheng District (nearby Yinding Bridge)


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