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Winter Turns Shenquan Valley into Frozen World


Though it's not as well-known as many of Beijing's other national tourist attractions, a quiet gorge in Beijing's southwestern suburbs is drawing visitors with its unique crystal cascades.

Shenquan Gorge is located in Miaofeng Mountain, Mentougou District, about 45 km from downtown Beijing. Featuring unique geologic structure, the gorge was the masterpiece of nature in Jurassic Period. The resort is a national AAA scenic area covering an area of 5 sq kilometers. and with average elevation standing  at 1200 meters. It boasts quantities streams which forms picturesque scenery of waters.

As the temperatures plunge in Beijing, thousands of cascade congealed looks like the wonderland in fairy. The frozen ice formations of Shenquan Gorge create beautiful landscape. Natural ice cascades form in the mountains, with visitors treated to an otherworldly view of water floating under the ice as they approach. At night, the dazzling lights and vivid cascades immerse visitors into another fantasy world.

Location: Tancheng Village, Miaofengshan Town, Mentougou District, Beijing.

Self-drive Route: Fushi Road - Shuangyu Road-Binghe Road-109 National Highway-Shangweidian Road

Bus Route: Take Bus No. 892 or 929 and get off at Xiaweidian Station, then take taxi to Tanchang Village


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