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Documentary screenings


Searching for the Lotus-Born Master and Return of the Lotus-born Master, two award-winning documentaries directed by American writer and filmmaker Laurence Brahm, will be screened in Beijing.

A legendary 8th-century figure, the Lotus-born Master is widely known as the founder of Tibetan Buddhism who travelled extensively along the Southern Silk Road spreading Buddhism.

Searching for the Lotus-Born Master was shot in China, India, Nepal and Bhutan while Return of the Lotus-born Master was done entirely in Bhutan. The latter is the first film produced in Bhutan to date by a Chinese film production crew led by Laurence Brahm, who has lived in China for decades.

If you go:

14:15-17:00, Nov 30, Dec 7, 9. Free admission, by reservation only. 010-64926711, Auspicious Thangka Art Center, 2/F Redstone Square, Street 707, 798 Art District, Chaoyang district, Beijing 北京市朝阳区798艺术区707街红石广场二层(北2门往南100米)

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