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Minor Snow: Embellish your room with snowflake-like flowers for winter


It is time to celebrate for the first snow in this winter!

Minor Snow, also known as "Xiao Xue" in Chinese, will begin on Friday night. It is the 20th solar term of the Chinese lunar year, followed by the Major Snow on December 7.

Similar to the next solar term, Minor Snow, as its name implies, reflects the phenomenon of precipitation, indicating the time and intensity of snowfall.

During this period of time, the cold air spread nationwide and grow stronger. In most of the northern areas in China, the temperature gradually drops to below zero degree. And it begins to snow.

There is no better choice than white flowers for the floral work in Minor Snow as that color is closely associated with snow and the atmosphere of this season.

White flora charm

When winter approaches, animals gradually begin to hibernate, and the world is dressed up with the white jacket. White flora embraces the beauty of purity and peacefulness, matching the winterly mood.

In this episode of CGTN's special program of floral design for 24 solar terms, six raw materials are used: Job's Tears-like dried flowers, silver ragwort, reed, wintersweet, carnation and dried azalea branch.

Among them, Job's Tears-like dried flowers, silver ragwort, reed and wintersweet are particularly recommended for floral design in winter.

Job's Tears-like dried flowers hanging from branches are greatly similar to pure white snowflakes while silvery leaves of the silver ragwort have a dusty miller look.

Also, the reed fits the floral work very well as it is just like snow, gentle and soft. Its brushy leaves can be shaped into any postures, adding more tenderness on freezing cold days.

'Friend of Winter'

Though bearing little resemblance to ice nor snow, wintersweet, of which a more technical term is "Chimonanthus praecox," can not only serves as striking details in the floral work, but also adding more vitality in wintertime.

As a famous Chinese poem by Wang Anshi (1021-1086), a renowned poet and politician during the Song Dynasty (960-1279), reads:

"At a wall corner some plum trees grow; Alone against cold white blossoms blow.

Aloof one knows they aren't the snow; As faint through airsoft fragrances flow."

Hailed one of the "Three Friends of Winter," the not-withering plum blossom stands for a strong spirit that could overcome any difficulties.

Thus the plant is overwhelmingly popular among Chinese households, and commonly seen in floral works at home as well as in Chinese gardens.

Vigor and vitality

In addition to the aforementioned plants with small blossoms, the carnation, romantic and elegant, can decorate the work with its relatively large blossoms.

Creamy or champagne colored carnation are especially recommended as they embraces mild and pure beauty, in accordance with the atmosphere of tranquility.

Put the carnation at the center. Its blossoms make the whole piece more energetic and attractive without dazzling your eyes, eliminating the dreariness of freezing cold days.

With the upward stretching branches and the "blooming" reed, the floral design is full of vigor and vitality, eliminating the dreariness of freezing cold days.

Under the lights, it creates a pleasant art piece of light and shadow as well.


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