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Cafes become must-go places for pet lovers


Cat cafes have flourished in Chinese cities, becoming must-go places for young people over the weekends.

A cafe in Beijing's Dongcheng district charges customers 30 yuan to play with kitties. If they order drinks or desserts, the cat-related services are free of charge.

According to the owner of the cafe, surnamed Wang, customers must wash their hands before they play with the cats.

Taking time out with an animal has been proven to help with stress. For cat lovers, playing with cats makes them happy, and it is almost the only reason for them to visit these cafes.

A report on pet-driven consumption in China indicated that the value of the country's pet industry reached 172.2 billion yuan in 2018, three times higher than five years ago.

Experts pointed out that the rise of the sector is a sign of consumption upgrading. Despite the prosperity, some suggested cafe shops could improve sanitary conditions to leave a better impression on customers.

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