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Appreciate Autumn on Chongyang Festival


October 7 marks Double Ninth Festival, also known as Chongyang Festival, Shaiqiu Festival or Autumn Outing, is a traditional festival of China. Double Ninth Festival is the best time to appreciate the autumn. During the Double Ninth Festival, there is a strong tradition of Ascending a height to enjoy a distant view. With the advent of crisp clear autumn days, climbing mountains can put you in a good mood and build up your body.

Shengquan Mountain Natural Scenic Area

The Shengquan Mountain Natural Scenic Area is 6km away from downtown Huairou. Covering an area of 15km2, it is next to the centuries-old Hongluo Temple in the east and faces the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall in the west. It sits in front of the majestic Yanshan Mountain and behind the beautiful Huaisha River. It incorporates natural and cultural landscape as well as Buddhist and historic culture. It is a holy place of Zen Buddhism.

Ticket: 35 yuan/person

Opening Hours: 08:00-17:30

Phone: 010-60637288/60637289

Address: 200m north of Koutou Village, Qiaozi Town, Huairou District, Beijing 北京市怀柔区桥梓镇口头村北200米

Traffic Guide: Turn off Beijing-Chengde Expressway at Exit 13 (the intersection with Beitai Road) and drive directly to Shengquan Mountain Scenic Spot according to road signs.

Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area

The Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area is situated in the beautiful Liuke Valley, Shicheng Town, Miyun District, about 80km far from central Beijing. It is graded as a national AA scenic spot and it is a geological park featuring magnificent granite landscape and unique metamorphic core complexes. There are creeks, ponds, caves, rocks of various shapes and original secondary forest in the park.

The Tianmen Mountain Scenic Area teems with towering peaks and bizarre rocks. The “cockscomb-shaped peak”, “gorilla-shaped rock”, “human-shaped cliff” and “sphinx-shaped peak” in the scenic spot are all remarkably true to life. Tianmen Mountain Scenic Spot is suitable for sightseeing, vacationing, hiking, Counter-Strike cosplay and scientific research.

Ticket: 32 yuan/person

Opening Hours: 08:00-17:30 (May 1st-October 30th)

Phone: 010-69016228/69016673

Address: Liuke Valley, Shicheng Town, Miyun District, Beijing 北京市密云石城镇柳棵峪

Traffic Guide: Turn off Beijing-Chengde Expressway at the intersection with Shunmi Road and go in the direction toward the reservoir scenic spot. Go straight to the archway of the No. 1 Waterfall in Beijing, pass through the archway and walk 500m to the scenic spot.

Shuanglong Mountain Forest Park

The Shuanglong Mountain Forest Park is located in Changling Town, Changping District, Beijing. It is in the west of Duijiuyu Village, about 8km northwest of the Ming Tombs and 50km from downtown Beijing. With a vegetation coverage rate of over 95%, the forest park has an excellent ecological environment. It boasts lush forest, fragrant fruit and various kinds of flowers and plants. It is shaded by dense trees and crowded with high hills and strange rocks. The relics of the ancient city walls also serve to add to the charm of the place. Here you can have an intimate contact with the nature.

The forest park is sandwiched between steep cliffs. So it is regarded as a smaller version of the Huangshan Mountain, one of the most famous natural beauties in East China, in western Beijing. It is also hailed as a heaven of peace and comfort as well as a healthy fruit picking site for its lovely scenery and rich resources. It is an ideal place for sightseeing, vacationing and fruit picking.

Ticket: 15 yuan/person

Opening Hours: 08:00-17:00 (May 1-October 30)

Phone: 18710070878

Address: 3km west of the Duijiuyu Scenic Spot in Shisanling Town, Changping District 昌平区十三陵镇碓臼峪风景区往西3公里

Traffic Guide: Turn off Beijing-Tibet Expressway at Exit 32 and go in the direction toward the Ming Tombs. Turn left at the entrance of the Duijiuyu Natural Scenic Area and go forward for 3km.


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