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Dongsi Hutong Museum in Beijing


Dongsi Hutong Museum is located at No. 77, Dongsi 4 Tiao, Dongcheng District, Beijing, and is under the jurisdiction of Dongsi Street Community. The courtyard covers an area of 1,023 square meters with three units in a row of 20, 22, and 261 square meters respectively separated by the main gates. The whole courtyard was built at around 1940 and as a typical three-unit Siheyuan, it was originally the office of the Dongsi Police Station.

In October 2015, the Dongcheng District People's Government and the Beijing Capital Group signed a strategic cooperation agreement on the environmental comprehensive management project of the historical and cultural street community of 3-8 Tiao of Dongsi Street, aiming to ease the non-core functions of the capital, protect the style of the ancient capital, and inherit the historical context; as well as to improve people's livelihood, renew the industry, and build up a culturally strong district. At the same time, 3-8 Tiao of Dongsi Street historical and cultural conservation area will be built into an environmental comprehensive treatment demonstration zone themed with “Tranquil Hutong • New Ecology”.

Dongsi Hutong Museum mainly carries the two core functions of history and culture display as well as culture exchanges for Dongsi Street Community, and is a representative project combining cultural heritage and community service on the cultural exploration road. Following the principle of protection and preserving the old appearance of old buildings, the original layout and architectural style have been restored after over 150 days' repair. With the combination of tradition and modern as its designing highlight, a cultural landmark was created for the historical and cultural heritage and exchange of Dongsi.


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