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Top floral designers display superb skills in Beijing


Flowers have long been admired by humans and have brought beauty and joy to people's lives. Their intriguing shapes and enticing scents have turned flowers into true inspirations for artists.

Seventeen designers from across the world are bringing the beauty of nature to a new high in the final stage of the World Flower Art Contest at the Beijing International Horticulture Expo. Their works from previous rounds are also displayed as part of the event.

Franca Logan, an artist from New Zealand said it's fantastic to meet others designers and that she is happy about her own breakthrough in Beijing.

"The alliums are blooming so I wanted to focus on the allium in the middle of the picture. And I worked a little garden around there and I tried to make everything look like it was growing instead of very linear," she said.

Logan's good experience is echoed by another contestant from France, Maxime Alex Hugues Hurtaud, although he had a different design concept and understanding of China.

"I made something straight with lines, so it's not blooming like a tree. There is a connection between branches and leaves together to make the connection between my parallel works," he said.

The final round of the contest also witnessed the emergence of competitive Chinese designers.

"They have provided us with a structure to work on. It is a traditional Chinese window. So, I have tried to display elements of Chinese tradition by using swinging flowers and plants," says Han Hao, from Zhejiang Province, the hometown of Chinese gardening and floral arrangement in China.

He also said that China's progress in the horticulture industry has been very fast.

"When I first joined the industry, there was nothing. We had to learn from Taiwan, Japan, Korea and Europe. But now I think the Chinese mainland can organize very high-level competitions," Han said.

The artworks from the final and previous rounds will be displayed until August 26.


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