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Check in trending exhibitions: Made in illusion


"Made in illusion" is a contemporary art exhibition being held in Beijing Times Art Museum, until October 7. This exhibition discusses the topic of "How art gets involved in the discussion of the consumption culture" and tries to deconstruct the relationship between manufacturing, human nature, and social emotions, thus triggering the imagination about the manufacturing process and human's active intervention behavior.

John Ruskin, a British art theorist, focuses on the ethical aspects of the interaction between art and technology. He doesn't oppose technology itself, but the severe consumption of resources and the destruction of the natural environment accompanied by the development of technology. Nowadays, the excessive dependence on the output of manufacturing and technology not only brings complex social and environmental problems but also triggers a series of social and emotional imbalances and anxiety.

The exhibition has four major thematic sections: Production zone, Testing zone, Recycling zone, and Resetting zone, showcasing a hundred art pieces by more than 30 artists from across the world. Through installations, sculptures, paintings, and new media artwork, the exhibition explores the relationship between material and social issues, such as consumer culture and sustainable development.

Participating artists included Claudia Casarino, Gucci co-artist Trevor Andrew, Lithuanian artist Tadao Cern, and the winner of Nomura Art, Cheng Ran.

The exhibition provides a "manufacturing" context and invites the public to use their imagination and technology. Audiences can experience the pleasure of adventure in art with a pleasant attitude and perceptual resonance.


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