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Dough Figurine


Dough figurine is a simple yet highly artistic traditional Chinese handicraft. Flour and glutinous rice flour are used as main raw materials. After being polished with colors, paraffin and honey, they undergo anti-cracking and anti-fungus treatment, and are made into soft, colorful dough. As a highly popular folk formative art, dough figurine originated from and thrives on the people. As an ancient, distinctive folk art, dough figurine has a history of thousands years in China.

The images of dough figurine are mostly characters of traditional operas, Four Great Classical Novels, folklore, fairy tales, cartoons, twelve Chinese zodiac signs, and other animals. Foreign tourists see Beijing dough figurines as Chinese sculpture.

In the last few years, the dough figurine course are opened in schools and communities. Children could know more about intangible cultural heritage and traditional Chinese culture via these courses. 


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