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A Resort for Summer


Hot Spring Leisure City is a star-rated spring hotel featuring hot spring, water carnival, star-rated hotel, creative food, shopping plaza, office building, outdoor ski resort, and retirement home. Many Beijing citizens come here for holidaying, playing water in summer, and night market, as well as cuisine of various styles. All these make the hotel the most dynamic place in Beijing. It is also an ideal place to have meetings or exhibitions, for which you can choose among the nearly 100 meeting rooms of all sizes, and 5,000 square meters hall for performances and exhibitions and other events.

If you want to enjoy something exciting, here’s the place. It’s an indoor water place with an openable “scuttle”. There is one operable rainbow roof of nearly 100 meters, and window-shades which could adjust the angles automatically according to seasonal changes in the entertainment center, so the light is always abundant. It could avoid the sunlight exposure at the same time. There are standard indoor play pools, artificial waves, skater surfers, space basins, competitive speed skating, rafting channels, interactive water house, beaches, kid pools, family interactive areas, dining areas, cafe with semi-underground water view, commodity area, leisure area, VIP rooms and etc., in the center.

Address: No.55, Wangfu Street, Qijia Town, North of Changping District 昌平区北七家镇王府街55号

Ticket: 68 yuan/person


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