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Enjoying enriched cultural life in Yujiapu


As the core of central business district of Tianjin Economic-Technological Development Area(TEDA), Yujiapu in Tianjin Free Trade Zone is approved as one of China's first batch of innovation and entrepreneurship demonstration bases.

In the structural reform of Tianjin Binhai New Area last year, it was incorporated into TEDA, injecting new impetus to the region.

In addition, since last January, the number of trains between Binhai station in Yujiapu and Beijing South Railway Station were adjusted from 9.5 pairs to 23.5 pairs, transporting 10,000 passengers on a daily basis.

Integration of transportation and "public traffic mode" for high-speed rail have basically taken shape. The convenience in transportation are attracting more enterprises and talents to move from Beijing to Tianjin.

As of 2018, 26 buildings have been put into use in the Yujiapu area, with a total floor space of 2.7 million square meters and 1.2 million square meters have been rented or sold. The rental and sales rate has reached 60 percent.

The occupancy rate of Zheshang, Kuangshi International and Yanzhao, Huamao, Guotai and other mansions built earlier has exceeded 92 percent.

On the north and south sides of Xingang No. 4 Road, stand loftly Chow Tai Fook Financial Center, Tianjin Julia College in artistic design, Binhai Cultural Center Park and other new urban landmarks serving high-end industries, educational and cultural projects.

Such key projects as the west campus of TEDA Experimental School, Binhai School affiliated to Tianjin Normal University and the extension of Tianjin TEDA Maple Leaf International School is underway.

Wanda Plaza, Baolong City Plaza, Global Purchase, Aeon Mall, Intercontinental Hotel, MSD, Cultural Center Park and other commerce and leisure complexes gradually come into mature.

As the TEDA Administrative Commitee moves south to Yujiapu, the original industrial city will be transformed to a new one with rich cultural ambience.

Up to now, the daily average number of people working and living in the Yujiapu area has reached 100,000.

The fascinating Haihe River, urban landscape, historical and cultural heritage, as well as a number of commercial clusters like Yujiapu Commercial Street, Baolong City Square, Best Hot and Haichang Commercial Street attracted fashion shopping, leisure and entertainment, business catering and other business formats to settle.

The well-known Yujiapu Global Shopping Mall officially opened in 2015 and has been in operation for nearly 4 years. The shopping mall provided high-quality commercial supporting resources for office workers and residents.

The mall consists of five parts: Underground Global Shopping Street, Automobile Theme Park Phase I, No. 21 Baozili Cultural and Creative Community, No. 18 Binhe Sightseeing Entertainment, and No. 15 Sports Experience Center.

Consumers can purchase commodities from the globe in the shopping mall. By the end of 2018, Yujiapu Global Shopping Street had received 6.5 million visitors.

Besides, based on the cross-border e-commerce innovation policy, an industrial park of cross-border trade was establish in the mall.

In the 2018 “Double Eleven”, the online sales of single stores in the park reached 2.4 million yuan, 12,000 orders were processed every day, and over 540,000 pieces of packages were sorted in cross-border warehousing from Nov 11 to 15.

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