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Spring Scenery at Beijing's Linglong Park


Beijing sees blue skies as temperature rises in the city. Linglong Park is named after Linglong Pagoda (originally known as Yong’anwanshou Pagoda) in Cishou Temple, Haidian District, Beijing. In 1990, the government of Haidian District built the park with an area of about 7 hectares (including 0.3 hectares of water surface). The south of the park is designed to be a garden and the north, natural landscape, in between are hill, pavilion, lake, meandering streams and paths, making the park a beautiful sight along the Jingmi Channel.

Opening Time: 5:00-23:00 (March-October)  6:00-22:00 (January-February)

Address: No. 3, Beili, west Balizhuang, Haidian District, Beijing 北京市海淀区西八里庄北里3号


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