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Travel, Take Photos in Spring


The question where to go for brilliant photographs always bothers the visitors to Beijing. Below are some places in Beijing's Haidian District for travel photography in spring.

Royal Gardens

The extraordinary view of Fragrant Hills Park, especially the Fragrant Hills Temple, can be stunning in panorama. Standing in the cloister and taking a picture with well-chosen depth of field, or standing between two temples and taking a picture from a fine angle, you will capture the beauty in the combination of man and nature. Jian Xin Pavilions, pervaded with a prominent style of Jiangnan (south of the Yangtze Region) scenery, is also an artistic less-known place where you can enjoy photography. The clean pool is ringed by courtyard-featured architecture, exquisite and elegant. In the semicircle ambulatory, the winding paths and hiding scenery compose an enchanting picture.

The Summer Palace, dubbed as the “Museum of Royal Gardens”, is a precious landscape park of ingenious design. The Long Corridor of the Summer Palace is the longest corridor in Chinese gardens. Instead of pools, the Long Corridor is decorated with delicate, vivid paintings. The well-known stories of Chinese classical literature are painted on beams and columns. A photo in Long Corridor would retain the resplendent view as well as the histories. The full view of the glamorous landscape of lakes and mountains can be seen from the prow of the Stone Boat while the subject of photograph and enjoyable scenery merge into a fantastic picture. The 17-arch Bridge, the largest marble bridge, at sunset is a wonderful place to feast your eyes on the Longevity Hill nearby. With entrenched cultural details, the stone carvings on the bridge bring you back to the vicissitudes of history. Appreciating the spectacular landscape in a boat is another recommended option for you to capture the moments of your life.

Academic Institutions

If scenic spots and historical sites cannot raise your appetite, why not have a look at academic institutions? Every corner of Peking University, such as the Peking University Hall, the library, and Yannan Yuan, can be an incredible picture from well-arranged angle. The symbolic attractions in the university - Weiming Lake and Boya Tower, should not be missed. With the embellishment of surrounding prosperous trees, Boya Tower and Weiming Lake add brilliance to each other's present splendor. Pictures of the subtly colored view definitely stand out from those of other scenic spots.

Natural Sceneries

Among the numerous scenic landscapes in Haidian District, Phoenix Mountain bears distinctive features. You can have a bird's-eye view of Beijing, fresh air, and the charm of nature while hiking in Phoenix Mountain. Blooming flowers dot the Mountain; the setting sun scatters its afterglow over the land. The impressive scenic drives people to take pictures all along the way.

Zhongguancun of Science and Technology

The advanced science and technology of Haidian District also attracts visitors’ attention. Zhongguancun, a place of pooling together talents, high-tech, research and innovation, and intellectual technology, is undisputedly the best place of science and technology. Countless start-ups achieve their ambition in Zhongguancun which fosters dreams for all. With variety of start-ups and advanced technology, the architectural ornaments in Zhongguancun distinguish from each other. The firm architectural style pervaded with futurism is a prominent feature of the block. A visit to Zhongguancun must be captured for you to savour the unique experience.


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