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Blooming Spring Flowers at Beijing's Beihai Park


With the temperature rising, Beihai Park welcomes blooming mountain peach blossoms and winter jasmine flowers. Beihai Park sits at the center of the city, on the west side of Jingshan, the northwest side of the Forbidden City, and is one of the three “seas” along with Zhonghai (“central sea”) and Nanhai (“southern sea”).

Built in Liao and Jin dynasties as a temporary royal dwelling palace and renovated during Ming and Qing dynasties as a royal garden, it is one of the most representative royal gardens in China. The former imperial garden was built around Beihai, covering 71 hectares, with a water area of 583 mu (38.89 hectares) and a land area of 480 mu (32.02 hectares). Since 1925, the place has been open to the public as a park.


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