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Spending Spring Festival in Hot Springs


The Spring Festival, or the Chinese Lunar New Year, falls on Feb. 5 this year. It would be great to spend the hot Spring Festival in hot springs in Beijing!

  • Jiuhua Spa & Resort

Jiuhua Spa & Resort enjoys exceptional advantages in hot spring resources with clear and sweet water. The medical staff have discovered and arranged more than 50 medicated baths with different effects according to the essence of traditional Chinese medicine combined with the results of modern medicine, improving the effect of hot spring bath. There are also many unique bath methods such as mud bath, floating bath, Maifan Stone (medical stone) bath, as well as varieties of traditional Chinese medicine health care massages and recreational massages to support the medicated baths.

The open-air hot spring pool built in the Tangquan Palace can be enjoyed throughout the year. Sitting under the blue sky, leaning against a stone with a cup of tea, and digging in the hot spring that has great environments of melodious ancient music, fragrance floating and dense mist, visitors may feel they are in a wonderland.

Address: Xiaotangshan Town, Changping District, Beijing 北京市昌平区小汤山镇

  • Beijing Longmai Hot Spring Resort

Beijing Longmai Hot Spring Resort is located in Xiaotangshan Town of Changping District, and the central axis of the Imperial Palace, 20 kilometers from the urban area, close to the Great Wall, the Ming Tombs, Mangshan National Forest Park, Yinshan Pagoda Forest Scenic Area, and Snow World Ski Resort. Therefore it has extremely convenient transportation. The Resort covers a land of 280 mu with beautiful landscape and fresh air, the underground boasts the endsville hot spring in China with rich geothermal resources. This super large resort, with the characteristics of hot springs, can accommodate up to 2,000 guests.

The Longmai hot spring water contains 56 minerals and trace elements that the human body needs; it is also beneficial for the treatment of joint diseases, metabolic diseases, and respiratory diseases, and has obvious effects to make skins smooth and delicate. In the hot springs palace, there are more than 80 hot spring pools hidden in the green bamboo forest; among these special spring pools, there is a classical courtyard of garden style that is surrounded by 48 unique pavilions, terraces, towers, corridors, waterside pavilions for customers to enjoy their hot springs in private spaces.

Address: Xiaotangshan Town, Changping District, Beijing 北京市昌平区小汤山镇

  • Nangong Tourist Resort

Beijing Nangong Tourist Resort is located in Wangzuo Township, Fengtai District in southwest Beijing. The village housing the resort is Nangong Village famed as "Best Village for China Geothermal Resources". It boasts attractions like Miyan Tower, Qianling Mountain and Nangangwa Ancient Bridge. Tourists can make their free entry to the scenic spot. However, tickets are required for all attractions inside the resort. You can have a relaxing weekend or vacation here, take a stroll to sightseeing garden, film base and city, appreciate tropical plants and high-tech agriculture, have an interesting chat with parrots, or enjoy the pleasure in picking, angling and other recreational activities, and in particular have fun in the ice-snow world and hot spring in winter.

Address: No. 1 Nangong South Road, Wangzuo Town, Fengtai District 北京丰台区王佐镇南宫南路1号


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