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Opera Il Barbiere di Siviglia


Venue: Multi-functional Theatre

Date: February 13, 2019


In order to promote Sino-Italian cultural exchanges, the NCPA and Italian Embassy jointly hold a concert series Opera Before Opera starting from 2019. In Western operas, the same story is often used by different composers in their creative works, so there are various operas of the same name. Therefore, in addition to current popular versions, the NCPA will introduce some other great versions to music lovers through this concert series.

Giovanni Paisiello is an Italian composer. In 1782, he created the opera buffa Il Barbiere di Siviglia in two acts based on the same-name libretto by French writer Pierre Beaumarchais, making him the first composer who put the play on the opera stage. Paisiello’s version is more than 30 years ahead of Rossini's. It is acknowledged for its witty plots, bright music and difficult arias. The great popularity and numerous fans once gained in Italy pushed his opera buffa creation to its peak. Due to its great influence of Il Barbiere di Siviglia, Rossini caused a big stir in Roman music circles when he had rewritten it in 1816.

This concert is the premiere of Giovanni Paisiello’s Il Barbiere di Siviglia in China, so it is also a great opportunity for Chinese audiences to know more about him and his Il Barbiere di Siviglia. Artists will send holiday wishes to the audience in a classical and elegant way on the occasion of the Spring Festival.


The story is set in Seville, Spain in the 17th century. Young Count Almaviva falls in love with Rosina, a rich and beautiful girl. Nonetheless, the greedy Doctor Bartolo, Rosina's guardian, intends to marry her himself. Knowing nothing about what to do next, Almaviva turns to Figaro, the barber in the city, for help, who loves meddling in another man's business. Bartolo tries every means to stand in the way, together with the music teacher Basilio's assistance, but all in vain by Figaro's variety of excellent schemes. The story culminates in the marriage of the Count Almaviva and Rosina after a series of funny farces.


Conte Almaviva: "Ecco l'ora s'avvicina"

Performer: KOU Jing

Conte/Figaro: "Diamo alla noia il bando"

Performers: KOU Jing, Diego Savini

Figaro: "Scorsi già molti paesi"

Performer: Diego Savini

Rosina/Bartolo: "Lode al ciel"

Performers: Fiorenza Maione, Alessandro Martinello

Conte Almaviva: "Saper bramate"

Performer: KOU Jing

Conte/Figaro: "Non dubitar, o Figaro"

Performers: KOU Jing, Diego Savini

Basilio: "La calunnia "

Performer: RAN Xiaoyu

Bartolo: "Veramente ho torto, è vero"

Performer: Alessandro Martinello

Rosina: "Giusto ciel, che conoscete"

Performer: Fiorenza Maione

Conte/Bartolo: "Oh che umor! "

Performers: KOU Jing, Alessandro Martinello

Rosina: "Gia riede primavera"

Performer:F iorenza Maione

Quintetto: "Don Basilio! Giusto ciel"

Performer: All Singers

Conte/Rosina: "Cara, sei tu il mio bene"

Performers: KOU Jing, Fiorenza Maione


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