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Ice and Snow Sports Park Opened in Haidian District


At the foot of Xishan, the first large-scale ski resort in Beijing downtown officially opened. The park with 130,000 square meters of snow area and 7 snow trails can accommodate more than 3,000 visitors at the same time, becoming the closest ski resort to the urban area.

Walking into the Park, seven snow trails on the back of the Xishan Mountains are in sight. Next to the snow trail, facilities such as cable cars and magic carpets are also available. The snow area of the ski resort is about 130,000 square meters, and the total length of the snow trails is 2,089 meters. Among them, there are 3 primary snow trails, two 900-meter-long and medium snow trails, and a 400-meter-long and medium-grade snow trail. In addition, there is a parent-child snow circle, and there is a veneer park and flag gate practice track. The drop of the snow trails is about 120 meters, and the slope of the medium snow trail is about 14 degrees, which can fully satisfy different levels of skiers.

The park has a shuttle bus every day from 8:40 to 5:30 pm to pick up and drop off passengers to and from the Park at the Daoxianghulu Station at Subway Line 16. During the Spring Festival, the resort will also open from 5:30 pm to 9:30 pm. In order to benefit more visitors, the fare of the resort is about 20% lower than other ski resorts. If you buy a ski package, you can also ask a professional coach for free.


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