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Blastfemme China Tour in Beijing


Date: Dec 7 - 9 pm

Venue: Dusk Dawn Club

From the depths of the dangerous underground of Rio de Janeiro, in Brazil, Blastfemme appears. Band formed under the feminist dogma that embodies in explosive concerts the urgency, the revolt, the sensuality and power of the cause in the presence of imposing stage of the punk muse Danni Vallejo. Driven by disco punk beats added with melodies sometimes subtle and at other times, dirty and confused. The band is newly formed and is in the process of recording their first album, in the face of the current moment in Brazil, Blastfemme presents itself as a resistance, a fight, a force in the movement for women's rights in the country. In Beijing, the explosion will be greeted by the Chinese equivalent Xiao Wang, the recent European toured Lonely Leary and by the dynamics flows of Thruoutin.

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