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CIIE enriches Beijing's food diversity


Beijing agri-product companies have signed a large number of purchase agreements with foreign suppliers at the first China International Import Expo (CIIE) to further diversify food options for local citizens.

A 130-million-yuan beef deal struck between Beijing Zhuochen Animal Husbandry Co., Ltd. and Uruguay's BPU Meat is expected to stabilize beef prices in Beijing by increasing the supply by 10 percent.

Chang Liang, president of Zhuochen, said that beef imported from Uruguay is of good quality and its price is about 8 percent lower than in the Chinese market.

Zhuochen accounts for more than 35 percent of the beef market share in Beijing, Chang said, adding that the new deal will raise the share by 10 percent.

Beijing Xinfadi Agri-product Wholesale Market, which supplies 90 percent of agricultural products to the capital, signed two deals totaling US$2.5 billion to bring more kinds of fruits into the market, including mangos and avocados from South Africa as well as bananas and durians from Thailand.

Partnering with Beijing Hi-Technology Energy Investments (Pty) Ltd, Tetelestai, a Namibian oyster company, started to export its products to Beijing in 2015.

Wu Wenli, deputy general manager of Beijing Hi-Technology, said that through promotions at CIIE, they hope to expand the influence of Namibian oysters and increase the annual sales volume from over a hundred thousand units to more than a million.

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