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Japanese ramen master visits Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing


Japanese ramen master Masayuki Syoujima visits the Shangri-La Hotel, Beijing's Japanese restaurant Nishimura from November 2 to 11 to present four kinds of authentic ramen for noodle lovers in Beijing.

Ramen is an integral part of Japanese food culture. Authentic Japanese ramen is divided into three main styles based on their cooking method and flavor. One of the best known is Fukuoka Hakata ramen, famous for its rich, unctuous stewed pork bone-based broth. Guests specify how hard or soft their ordered ramen will be cooked and can also ask for extra noodles to soak up the remaining broth.

Hailing from Fukuoka Prefecture on Japan's Kyushu Island, Chef Syoujima has honed his ramen expertise through years of experience and is proud to showcase four of his specialty types of ramen - Lobster Ramen, Spicy Red Beef Ramen, Oyster Cream Ramen and Lamb Herb Ramen - for Shangri-La guests to savor the experience of authentic ramen.

Incorporating the five elements of wood, stone, glass, water and metal, Nishimura's design revolves around the principles of yin and yang - by balancing colors, aromas, shapes and sounds. Upon entering Nishimura, guests could leave the hustle and bustle of Beijing behind and ease into a cool, tranquil dining room. Nishimura has four additional private rooms, including a traditional Japanese tatami room and a private teppanyaki room.

Guests can sip rare hot and cold Japanese sake off the sake menu or enjoy the Nishimura's signature sake cocktails. Chefs skilfully slice the freshest seasonal seafood, preparing sashimi and sushi platters of all kinds.

In the private teppanyaki rooms, the master chef takes center stage, preparing grilled items for customers. "As an Integral part of Japanese cuisine, ramen delivers Japanese food essence through its taste and cooking method. With winter coming, we also hope a bowl of the finest ramen would bring a sense of warmth and love to our guests," said Syoujima.

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