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Launch a Carnival Trip in Distinctive Villages and Towns


Gubei Water Town -- Gubeikou Town

Located at the foot of the Simatai Great Wall, Gubei Water Town (Wtown) is famous for its Great Wall-oriented night tour which consists of eight items, namely climbing the Simatai Great Wall with lanterns by night; savoring dainty dinners beside the lake under the Great Wall; looking up the Great Wall on a sculling boat; enjoying the charm of the Great Wall under a starry sky in the hot spring; listening to the story of the Great Wall with a romantic water dance show; staying a night at the foot of the Great Wall; playing water at the foot of the Great Wall; tasting wine and gazing at the stars on the Great Wall.

A Town of Hundred-Li Rivers and Mountains -- Qianjiadian Town

The bank line is 112li long within the limits of Qianjiadian Town. Its “Hundred-Li Mountains and Rivers Corridor” Scenic Area enjoys the beauty of the landscape in Huaibei area, the vigorous pines of Huangshan Mountain, the special meadow of Rabbit Ear Mountain, as well as the elegant charm of Suzhou. Attractions along the corridor include Yanshan Tianchi, Dinosaur Entertainment Park, Silicified Wood National Geopark, Dishui Lake, Zhaoyang Temple, Temple of the Dragon King, and the Temple of Guan Yu. It is an ideal destination throughout the year. In spring, various flowers bloom wildly, and when summer comes, it would be a veritable summer resort and green oxygen bar.


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