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Another Calling Card of Jingyi Park


Jingyi Garden is situated inside the Fragrant Hills, a red leaves sightseeing spot in northwestern Beijing. Back then, it used to be a temporary royal dwelling palace in Fragrant Hills and in the tenth year under the reign of Emperor Qianlong, the garden underwent an expansion and was renamed Jingyi Park. Featuring natural landscape full of rustic charm, this large park is in its prime in autumn. Mind you, stretches after stretches of red leaves cannot fail to stop you in your track not to mention one after another magnificent pavilion! In the northwest of Jingyi Garden lies expanse after expanse of smoke trees which are tinged with autumnal colors. So, red-leaves-covered Fragrant Hills is indeed another calling card of Jingyi Park!

Address: Fragrant Hills Park, No.40, Maimai Street, Haidian District 海淀区买卖街40号香山公园

Traffic: take bus No.563, 318 and 360, and get off at the east gate of Fragrant Hills Park or Fragrant Hills Station

Ticket: 10 yuan


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