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Places for Viewing Gingko Leaves in Downtown Beijing


Every year from mid-October to early November is the best season for viewing autumn leaves in Beijing, when the city will turn to a paradise on earth.

Olympic Forest Park

The Olympic Forest Park is the largest park of its kind in Beijing downtown with an area of 680 hectares. The best places for viewing gingko leaves are the northwest side of Aohai Lake and both sides of the south gate of northern part (ginkgo forest). These trees will gradually turn their colors from the mid-to-late October when hills opposite the park are dyed by different colors of the leaves, forming sumptuous scenery with the sparkling lake.

It is relaxing to set up a tent on the grass and have a picnic with children on a sunny weekend while enjoying the beauty of the ginkgo, or just standing by the Aohai Lake to drink in the natural beauty.

Address: No. 15, Beichen East Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 北京市朝阳区北辰东路15号

The Ginkgo Avenue in Sanlitun

Sanlitun East 5th Street sits in the Legation Quarter of Beijing, with two rows of ginkgo trees standing straightly on both sides, stretching 400m to 500m from the west entrance of the street to the east one. When autumn falls, these tall trees are dyed in yellow color and their branches overlap over the marrow street, turning the street a secret and gorgeous golden avenue. With sunlight smiting over, leaves would glitter to unfold a picture scroll of fairyland scenery.

Due to the special location, the street keeps away from heavy traffic. In the season with golden ginkgo leaves, it is highly recommended to take an outing here with children.

Address: Sanlitun East Street, Chaoyang District 朝阳区三里屯东街

Diaoyutai Ginkgo Avenue

Nearly a thousand ginkgo trees planted in the late 1950s are lined up outside the east wall of the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse. They make up a golden picture in late autumn. Under your feet is a soft blanket of ginkgo leaves. Looking far into distance, you will see people enjoying their time here. Some are photographing, some taking wedding photos, some strolling, some walking the pet, and some carrying a small basket and looking for ginkgo nuts in fallen leaves. They are harmonious parts of the autumn picture.

Traffic Guide: take Metro Line 1 to Muxidi Station, and then take bus 114, 102, 103, special 6 or 320 and get off at Tiaoyutai Bus Station.

Gingko Avenue in Ditan Park

The Gingko Avenue in Ditan Park is the oldest one in Beijing. The gingko trees in the park seem older than those at Diaoyutai. It is said that some of the trees were planted when the park was established. Without being disturbed by the busy traffic as you will be outside the wall of the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, you can take your time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park. When autumn falls, it attracts many residents to photograph and appreciate the scenery of autumn. Enter the Ditan Park from the west gate and go directly to the north zone, and you will see the breathtaking Gingko Avenue. There are also plenty of ginkgo trees at the north side of the Ditan Park, in an alley connecting Qingniangou Road and Xiaohuangzhuang Road.

Traffic Guide: west gate of the park: Metro Line 5, bus 18, 27, 104, 108, 113, 119, 124, 201, 328, 358, 407, 417 (branch), 758, 803, 850, 858, 912, 415, 847, or 849. South gate of the park: Metro Line 5, bus 44, 62, 13, 116, 406, 606, or 807

Purple Bamboo Park

Around the “poetic green carpet” lawn in the east gate of the Purple Bamboo Park grow ginkgoes, acer truncatums and metasequoia glyptostroboides that are high to shade the sunlight. They are interspersed by green bamboos. Two ginkgoes planted in the palace courtyard during Wanli years of the Ming Dynasty are all national Level-A ancient trees. Though one of them was once struck by lightning in the trunk, its vigorously growing branches bring about the unique scene where one tree makes a forest.

Address: No.6 Zhongguancun South Street 中关村南大街35号


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