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Beijing 2022 licensed products to be sold on China's high-speed railways


One of four Beijing 2022 licensed products stores was officially opened in Beijing's Happy Valley on Saturday as part of the marketing program including opening 18 stores this November and selling those products on China's high-speed railways.

The one opened in Beijing's amusement park Happy Valley is 60 square meters, selling hundreds of licensed products from seven categories of non-precious metal products, precious metal products, clothing and apparel, stationery, silk products, ceramics and souvenir postage products, including 13 types of new products.

The Beijing 2022 Organizing Committee announced that from this October, the first Saturday of every month will be the "New Product Day". The 13 types of new products unveiled on Saturday consist of silk scarves with snow mountain pattern, gold or silver products demonstrating the scenery of ancient capital Beijing and its traditional skating skills.

Another three stores opened Saturday at China Central Television Tower, Radio Beijing Corporation and the Olympic Park. Another 14 will open to the customers in late November in the domestic departure area of Beijing Capital International Airport Terminal 3 and cities around Beijing like Tianjin, Shenyang, Shijiazhuang and Baotou.

Starting from the mid-month, authorized carts will be launched on China's high-speed railway network, the passengers on the train will be able to buy the products mentioned above on their way home.


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