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Crunchy Candy in Tianjin


Crunchy candy, one of the famous Chinese traditional pastries, are usually in small chunks. But Yangliuqing crunchy candies are long and flat, made of unbroken threadlike sugar. The craftsmanship of Yangliuqing Crunchy Candies, which is really complicated and exquisite, has been century old to be one of the intangible cultural heritages of Xiqing District. There could be unexpectedly over one hundred layers in a piece of crunchy candy less than 5cm. "Once sesames start to be fried, one person need to be there to control the fire. Too quick, the candy would taste bitter, too slow, they would be spongy without fragrance.", introduced by Xu Liansen. Craftsmen of crunchy candy must be skillful and fully experienced, or it's really hard to create the right taste.Finished crunchy candies are equally sized, tasting sweet but not greasy, crisp but not sticky like "countless threadlike sugars melt in your mouth immediately". Xu's Crunchy Candy is a famous brand in Yangliuqing Town. As long as tourists visit Ruyi Avenue, they will taste the specialty snack and bring some home as souvenir.

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