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Lingshan Mountain: A Natural Zoo in Beijing


Lingshan Mountain is also a natural zoo and a botanical garden, where you can find running squirrels, foxes, wild rabbits, pheasants, as well as wild goats, roe deers, and wild boars. It is also a habitat for yaks, which exist as a special scene here. Another amazing thing is brown-eared pheasant, which is a kind of rare bird. The mountain is home to 700-plus species of animals and 800-odd species of plants. It is the best place to conduct scientific investigation. To accommodate tourists, an aerial tramway was built in 1997, with a length of 1,548m and a height difference of 430m. It only takes 25 minutes for you to ascend to the mountaintop. Lingshan Mountain offers tourist-friendly management and services, enabling you to admire the natural landscape with a pleasant mind.


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