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Top Five Places to Enjoy Chrysanthemum in Beijing in Golden Autumn


Beijing International Flower Port in Shunyi District

The 10th Beijing Chrysanthemum Culture Festival officially opened which will last until mid-November. The city has set up six exhibition areas including Beijing International Flower Port in Shunyi District, Beihai Park, Temple of Heaven, Management Office of Beijing Botanical Garden, Beijing Garden of World’s Flowers, Badaling World Grapes Expo Park, and more than 3,200 varieties and one million pots/seedlings of chrysanthemums will decorate Beijing for more than two months.

Beijing International Flower Port in Shunyi District, for the first time, planted precious boutique chrysanthemum specimens in large areas outdoors, combined with 9 three-dimensional landscape pieces, to present visitors with a different visual feast.

During the festival, the park will also hold a music light show, a contest themed "Silk Road, Golden Age", cheongsam beauty pageant themed “Qinghua Blue”, paintings and calligraphy works exhibition titled "Belt and Road in Beijing", and photo exhibition "beautiful Beijing ", etc. During the Mid-Autumn Festival, large-scale garden parties will be organized, and Mid-Autumn Lantern Festivals and moon-watching activities will be held at night to promote traditional Chinese culture.

The 10th Chrysanthemum Cultural Festival this year has added more rich landscape sketches.

Elf Tribe

The Elf Tribe is a group of three semi-circular house, with flower trees, floats and other three-dimensional landscapes combined with flowers and plants, with flower-stitched butterfly shapes and smooth lines, showing spectacular landscape works.

Flower House

As the name suggests, the Flower House is a landscape sketch that uses potted plants to create a house shape, which is placed in the sea of flowers and trees, creating a romantic flower kingdom.

Landscape Sketch

This year, the park also added flower baskets resembling flamingos, butterflies and other small shapes, adding colors to the picturesque flower harbor, as well as realistic giraffes and other shapes throughout the park.

Address: No. 9, Beijing International Flower Port in Shunyi District, Yuanqu South Road, Shunyi District 顺义区鲜花港南路9号

Beijing Botanical Garden

As the chrysanthemum are in full blossom, Beijing Botanical Garden transformed into a yellow ocean.

Different from previous years, the average height of chrysanthemum flowers planted in the garden this year is only at the waist of an adult, which makes it easier for tourists to take pictures during the walk.

Along with the beautiful scenery of the flowers, the Beijing Botanical Garden will also hold a series of popular science activities such as butterfly observations and insect observations soon, which will give you multiple angles to feel the life, care for nature, and thus bring you a happy summer holiday.

The 26th Flower Show of Beijing Botanical Garden will be scheduled to take place from September 22nd to October 28th. The theme is “Let the flowers blossom in full in Beijing Botanical Garden to accompany you to spend beautiful autumns and lifetime”. The landscape exhibition is centered on the Yangshu Area and the Science Museum. It mainly includes 4 flower beds, 5,000m2 of poplar trees and 150m of standard cut chrysanthemum.

Meanwhile, it will carry out a variety of cultural activities, such as plant DIY workshops, rare plant exhibitions, the Fourth Chicory Exhibition, the Ninth Cao Xueqin Culture and Art Festival, and popular science activities. Take popular science activities - experts will give you more knowledge about flowers, grasses and birds, and experience activities at plant DIY workshops.

Address: Wofo Temple, Beijing Botanical Garden, Haidian District 海淀区植物园卧佛寺

Beihai Park

Beihai Park, located in the downtown of Beijing, is to the west of Jingshan Park, to the northwest of the Forbidden City. Beihai, joining Zhonghai and Nanhai, is dubbed “Three Seas” of Beijing. Back then, it ever served as royal garden for imperial households. So, a visit to Beihai Park for chrysanthemum is a must-do for Beijingers in autumn!

From October 25th to November 20th, the 39th Beijing Chrysanthemum (City Flower) Exhibition will be held along the line from Chanfu Temple, Little Western Heaven (Xiaoxitian) on the north bank to Tranquil Heart Study (Jingxinzhai) of Beihai Park. The contents include specimen chrysanthemum, spray chrysanthemum, desk chrysanthemum, small chrysanthemum bonsai, flower arrangement, booth layout and so on.

One of the highlights of the Chrysanthemum Exhibition was those specially invited Japanese chrysanthemum masters who attended the exhibition held in Beihai Park. The masters brought the traditional Japanese chrysanthemums and arranged the special booths to add color to the chrysanthemum exhibition, which brought the citizens and domestic and foreign tourists a sight to behold.

Address: No. 1, Wenjin Street, Xicheng District 西城区文津街1号

Garden of World's Flowers

The Garden of World's Flowers is located on the north of the side road of Beijing South Fourth Ring Road, with prime location and easy accessibility. Covering a total area of 41.8 hectares, it is the largest botanical garden within the Fourth Ring Road in Beijing.

With the theme of "Chrysanthemum-like Life in Poetic Autumn”, the three-dimensional sculptures of chrysanthemum and chrysanthemum bonsais are used to create a poetic and picturesque scene, allowing visitors to indulge in the enchanting landscape and enjoy the fragrance of chrysanthemum and the beauty of autumn.

At the same time, the 9th Chrysanthemum Competition, commonly known as “Douju” (the fight of Chrysanthemums), will be scheduled with the theme of "Chrysanthemums blooming along the garden paths, making Beijing City famous for the beautiful scenes to continue to inherit and carry forward the traditional chrysanthemum culture. Not only can the relevant units participate in, but folk cultivators can also sign up for the competition. The event will be held from November 3 to 4 when the Chrysanthemums will be displayed in a layout of small gardens.

On the occasion, there are special exhibitions of works of chrysanthemum masters, chrysanthemum flower arrangement exhibition, chrysanthemum master lecture, tea performance, chrysanthemum fairy garden and other theme activities to enrich the entire chrysanthemum culture festival.

Address: No. 235, South Fourth Ring Road, Fengtai District 丰台区南四环中路235号

The Temple of Heaven Park

The 37th Chrysanthemum Exhibition with the theme of “Appreciating the Unique Charm of Chrysanthemums” will be held in the Temple of Heaven Park. There will be 4 exhibition pavilions on the southeast side of the Hall of Prayers, including the “Ancient Temple with Verve”, the “Century-old Park”, the “Sisters’ Jubilation”, and the “Fragrance of the Chrysanthemum”.

This exhibition, with about 1,500 exhibits, will highlight famous chrysanthemums and also display Chrysanthemums in various types.

Meanwhile, it will also hold a variety of cultural activities, including chrysanthemum cultivation and sharing salon, guided tours in the Hall of Prayers, and science exhibition on the spot, in a bid to promote the chrysanthemum culture of Beijing and celebrate the centenary of the Temple of Heaven Park to open to the public.

Address: Near No. 3 of Lidong District, South of the Temple of Heaven, Dongcheng District 东城区天坛南里东区3号附近

International Grape Expo Garden

It's the time of year when chrysanthemum opens and the city is full of autumn flowers and fragrance. The annual Beijing Chrysanthemum Cultural Festival is around the corner with the bursts of flowers. This weekend, the 10th Beijing Chrysanthemum Culture Festival was grandly opened at the International Grape Expo Garden with the theme of "Welcome the Grand Meeting with the Fragrance of the Grapes in Guichuan”. This event was officially opened on September 15 and will end on October 10, during which a variety of chrysanthemums will create a visual feast for you.

This year's event continues to be based on the overall design style of the garden, which is divided into indoor and outdoor exhibition areas. The outdoor exhibition area consists of the sea of basket flowers, fine chrysanthemum exhibition, and chrysanthemum appreciation. Various chrysanthemum are beautiful in colors and vary in styles. The featured landscape designed with chrysanthemums and three-dimensional flower carvings are vivid, against a huge flower sea, forming a splendid eyeful to record.

With the aim to promote and prosper chrysanthemum culture, the Chrysanthemum Culture Festival carefully builds six exhibition areas (boutique chrysanthemum exhibition area, chrysanthemum arrangement exhibition area, chrysanthemum knowledge science and photography exhibition area, chrysanthemum art and bonsai exhibition area, chrysanthemum product exhibition area, and the sea of basket flowers exhibition area), creating a theme flower show that integrates chrysanthemum viewing, planting and culture display. This autumn, it is the ideal site for you to learn flowers arrangement, enjoy flowers, take a stroll in the sea of flowers, and experience the charm of chrysanthemums in the International Grape Expo Garden with your beloved!

Address: 800 meters south of Xialu Fengying Village, Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing District - International Grape Expo Garden 延庆区张山营镇下芦凤营村南800米——世界葡萄博览园


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