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Yanqi Lake Adorned by Autumn


Yanqi Lake is surrounded by mountains on three sides, especially the rolling mountains on the north side, where the Great Wall winds and twists like a dragon. Its west side is the lofty main peak of Hongluo Mountain, where a thousand-year-old temple harmonizes with the landscape of Yanqi Lake. Jindeng Mountain and Yuanbao Mountain are embedded on the east side like shining pearls. At the mountain top sits Jindeng Temple, which, together with the Puzhao Temple at the foot of the mountain, constitutes one of the eight great sceneries of Huairou District. Today’s Yanqi Lake is also a fun-filled water amusement park, with child-friendly rides such as battery-driven boats, pedal-powered boats, duck paddle boats, and paddling pools, as well as exciting activities for adults like rock climbing, seaplanes, and water scooters.

Adorned by autumn, Yanqi Lake boasts wonderful sight different from that in other seasons. Trees in orange and golden colors can be seeing here and there. In the bright and colorful Yanqi Lake in late autumn, forest of pines and cypresses is decorated with ginkgoes and maples, a display of multiple colors. Leaves of smoke trees that have turned red like a raging fire under the ablution of frost can be found everywhere on paths of the northern mountain.

Reasons for accommodation: family outings for viewing the enchanting autumnal scenery

Traffic Guide:

1. Take Bus 916 (express bus) at Dongzhimen Public Transport Hub and transfer to Bus H58 (Miaochengdong - Jiugukou) at Miaochengdong Station, and get off at Yanqi Lake Station

2. Take Bus 916 (express bus) at Dongzhimen Public Transport Hub and get off at Huairou Yangjiayuan Station, cross the road, transfer to Bus 864 and get off at Yanqi Lake Station; or get off at Huairou Yangjiayuan Station and walk (east along the traffic lights) to Yujiayuan Coach Station and transfer to Bus H18 (Yujiayuan - Tanghekou) or Bus H29 (Yujiayuan - Shidongzi), and get off at Yanqi Lake Station

3. Take shuttle bus to Yanqi Lake or Qinglong Gorge at the bus station outside Dongzhimen: departure time at Dongzhimen: 8:30, return time at Qinglong Gorge Scenic Area: 16:00; route: bus station outside Dongzhimen — Beijing-Chengde Expressway — Yanqi Lake — Qinglong Gorge; tickets sold on bus and 30 yuan per one-way ticket.


1. Drive along Beijing-Chengde Expressway to the Exit 14, then drive straight to overpass and turn right at the second traffic light (Convention & Exhibition Center), and drive straight for about 5 km to Yanqi Lake parking lot

2. Drive along Beijing-Chengde Expressway to the Exit 15, Yangsong/Fengning Exit, and drive straight and turn left at the T-junction, then turn right at the traffic light and drive straight along Jingjia Road for 3.2 km to Yanqi Lake


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