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Ginkgo Trees Tinged with Cultural Charm in Peking University


Peking University is not only China’s first comprehensive university, but also a place for charming scenery. In every autumn, the university campus takes on a beautiful view.

The ginkgo trees are tinged with cultural charm while walking in Peking University. You would catch a glimpse of a small grove of ginkgo trees sandwiched between the Life Sciences Building and the First Teaching Building while walking further along the road.  It is in sheer peace and an ideal place for chitchat and photos.

The famous “Picture of pagoda, Lake and Library” refers to the scenery of the Weiming Lake. Weiming Lake is located at the north central in the campus, embraced by lush trees, mountains, and stones. As crystal-clear as the cloudless sky, or as China’s south regions in rainy haze, it is also like the West Lake in the poem of Su Shi, enjoying varied charms that can match well with the different weather.

Boya Tower by the side of Weiming Lake is used for water supply. Its designers adopted ingenious concept and followed the styling of Dagoba. With the subtle combination of the majestic tower and the peaceful lake, the two serve as an excellent embodiment of coupling hardness with softness and the highest quality of art. In sunny days, you will see the beautiful picture with Weiming Lake mirroring the shadow of Boya tower on its gentle waves.

The admission is free. Teaching buildings and laboratories are not allowed entry.

Address: No.5, Yiheyuan Road, Haidian District

Traffic Guide: take bus 508, 601, 717, 331 or 365 to the west gate of Peking University


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