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A Burning Golden Yellow Dream Avenue in Autumn


A renowned institution of higher education, Tsinghua University is located at Tsinghua Garden. The university is an important base for the cultivation of high-level talents and R&D. A ramble through the campus gives visitors the feeling of preciseness and diligence as is shown it’s the university’s simple architectural style. Artificial lakes are everywhere.

The auditorium, library, science hall and stadium in Tsinghua are scenic spots as well. If you take a stroll in the campus, you will be greeted with elegance and quietness of the Chinese classical garden and the solemnity and calmness of European architectures.

Zijinghanting (Chinese Redbud Han Pavilion) is named in honor of Mr. Wu Han, a Chinese historian and politician. There is a lake beside the pavilion, surrounded by Chinese redbuds. In spring, the flowers are in full blossom, which is stunningly beautiful.

The crossroad of North and South Avenue and East and West Avenue of Tsinghua University is broad, and the road in west of the crossroad is filled with the maidenhair trees.

The road, with a small slope, is a burning golden yellow dream avenue in autumn. As you cycle through the road in a fine and warm morning, afternoon or nightfall, the fallen leaves on the road rustles under the wheels and dances lightly in the wind. It is a unique feeling of happiness on the campus.

Address: No.30, Shuangqing Road, Haidian District

Traffic Guide: take bus 307, 331, 375, 429, 508, 549, 562, 630, 86 or Yuntong 126 to Wudaokou stop, or take bus 333, 355, 438, 466, 594, 913, or Yuntong 110 to Qinghua Donglu Xikou (West end of Tsinghua East Road) stop.


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