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Huai Yang Fu


As a landmark of Andingmenwai Avenue, Huai Yang Fu can be rated as the best restaurant of Huaiyang cuisine in Beijing. Featuring classical and elegant charm, this restaurant is interspersed with calligraphy and paintings, stone inscription and wood carving, offering you a landscape of southern China. Most of its rooms are named after Suzhou Gardens, such as Geyuan Garden and Lingering Garden.

Generally, Huaiyang cuisines are a bit light and impose high requirements on the freshness of ingredients. The fish of Steamed White Fish is delicious and tender, and dried bamboo shoot and bacon greatly enhance the freshness and flavor.

After serving Stir-fried Shredded Eel with Sesame Oil, the waiter pours the hot oil on shredded eel and garlic, and you can immediately feel the sizzle and tangy fragrance. With boneless shredded eel mixed with fragrant garlic, it is fresh, tender, and pretty palatable.

Yangzhou Quanjiafu is rich in ingredients. There are stuffs like egg dumplings, fried quail eggs, house fish meatballs, bamboo fungus, day lily, agaric, pork stomach and small vegetable in the golden and thick soup, and you may drink several bowls.

There is a saying in Yangzhou that “Skin Wraps Water in the morning and Water Wraps Skin in the evening”, which depicts the leisure life of the locals. Skin Wraps Water refers to Crab Dumplings in Soup. The skin is so thin like cicada's wings that you can feel the juice sloshing as you touch slightly the skin. Firstly take a small bite of it, then use a straw to suck out the soup inside. There are no words to describe the delicious crab soup. You will feel the happiness as an immortal after you eat the dumplings.

In recent years, Huai Yang Fu has launched some dishes with both Chinese and Western characteristics. One is Angus Snowflake Beef characterized by traditional Chinese cooking techniques and Western plate style. The beef features a fresh and tender taste, surely satisfying your taste bud.

Address: No. 198, Andingmenwai Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing 北京市东城区安定门外大街198号


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