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The Soup Kitchen


As the name indicates, the Soup Kitchen is a Cantonese restaurant providing various kinds of soups. It positions itself as “a healthy restaurant suitable for private parties” with a healthy, natural, relaxing and friendly environment, attracting a host of loyal fans who pursue high quality and health care.

Soup is imperative for people as it is a daintiness to express feelings. Following the change of the four seasons, the restaurant, after its 24 Solar Terms-based soups, has creatively introduced soups with four themes of “Chunxing (wake up in the spring), Xiaqing (be refreshing in the summer), Qiurun (eat nourishing food in the autumn), and Dong’an (keep fit in the winter)”. It also offers seasonal gifts for customers to help them feel the changing seasons and the slow pace in buzzing cities.

The best-known staple food in Cantonese cuisine is the clay pot rice. With multi-porous clay pots, the restaurant uses open fire to cook clay pot rice, making it well flavored. Undoubtedly, making the clay pot rice is a test of cooking skills. Featuring freshly prepared as ordered, the rice gives off heavy aroma of bacon when evenly mixing with sauce.

Address: Floor B1, Gemdale Plaza, Dawang Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing 北京市朝阳区大望路金地广场B1层


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