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Yu Hua Tai Restaurant for Huaiyang Cuisine


If you are pining for a taste of Jiangsu Huaiyang Cuisine in Beijing, Yu Hua Tai Restaurant is the spot. Originally built in Bamiancao, north of Wangfujing in 1921, this restaurant is really a time-honored brand. Yu Hua Tai Restaurant is named after a tower in Yangzhou. Mr. Zhang Daqian, a Chinese painting master, ever drew a painting called “Spring Duck” as a gift for it, and Mr. Pu Jie, younger brother of Pu Yi (the last Emperor of the Qing Dynasty), ever wrote a plaque for it.

As to food, Huaiyang Cuisine is the standout of this Beijing-based Yu Hua Tai Restaurant. In 1921, two Yangzhou-born brothers surnamed Ma founded Yu Hua Tai Restaurant in a three-courtyard two-story building in Bamiancao, Wangfujing. The two owners had a reputation of sorts all over Yangzhou as well as neighbouring area, for one was former steward and another former chef at the Mansion of Viceroy of Zhili. Thus, since it was opened its business, Yu Hua Tai did very well. There was a historic record that, “Since it was opened, it has been raking in gold. In boom times, its annual revenue totaled even 100,000 liang of gold.”

There is an infinite selection of offerings featuring Huaiyang Cuisine - Shrimp Cutlet, Duck Wraps Shark Fins, Braised Freshwater Shrimp, Braised Shrimps, Braised Shark Fin with Crab Roe, Steamed Ingredients in Crab Shell, Dry-Braised Mandarin Fish, Huaiyang Soup Dumplings, Zhenjiang Cured Meat, Shaomai Stuffed with Green Vegetables, Lotus Cake, Chrysanthemum Cake, Dongpo Pork, you name it.

Address: No. Lin 4, No. 8, Huguang Middle Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing 北京市朝阳区湖光中街8号-临4号


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