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Time for Red Leaves of Fragrant Hills


The Fragrant Hills Park is one of the four best places in China for appreciating red leaves, a classic choice for an autumn vacation. When autumn falls, fiery red leaves of smoke trees blanket the entire mountain and turn dark purple when frosted. These smoke trees were planted during the reign of Emperor Qianlong of the Qing Dynasty. They have gradually developed into a forest with 94,000 plants after over 200 years of development. Xianglu Peak, dubbed Sorrowful to a Ghost, is the most precipitous peak of the Fragrant Hills. You may take a challenge to climb to the top. When the weather is fine, you willoverlook the Summer Palace, where Kunming Lake and the Tower of Buddhist Fragrance are partly hidden and partly visible, and you can see the looming buildings of the Jade Fountain Hill.

The best time for sightseeing: mid-October

Traffic Guide: accessible by bus 696, 693, or 331 (about 20 minutes) after getting off at Beigongmen Station by subway; bus 318: Laogucheng Stop - Xiangshan Stop; bus 331: Xinjiekouhuokou Stop - Xiangshan Stop; bus 360: Dongwuyuan Stop - XiangshanStop; 634 Xizhimen Stop - XiangshanGongyuanDongmenStop; bus 714: Fuchengmen Stop - Xiangshan Stop; bus 696: SunheXiangzhengfu Stop - Xiangshan Stop; bus 698: Chengnan Jiayuan North Stop - Xiangshan Stop


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