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Visit Jingshan Park to Enjoy Brilliant Scenery


Jingshan Park, the back garden of the Forbidden City, is the place where the Emperor Chongzhen hanged himself. It is also an imperial park.  

It is different from other parks as it has Wanchun Pavilion located at the highest point of Jingshan Park, a back garden of the imperial city, where you can have a full view of the Forbidden City. Visitors to Beijing will surely come to Jingshan Hill to have a bird's view of the entire Beijing. They will see not only the splendid ancient palaces but also the modern Beijing city. Maybe you will not be much attracted by the ginkgo leaves as you visit the top of Jingshan Hill in autumn, but it is enchanting that the yellow leaves merge with red walls, conveying a feeling of vicissitudes of history.

Ticket: 2 yuan

Traffic Guide: take bus 5 and get off at Jingshan Xijie stop; take bus 58, 60, 111, or 124 and get off at JingshanDongjie stop; take bus 111 or 124 and get off at Jingshan Dongmen stop; take bus 101, 103, 109, 124, 810, 685, 814, or 846 at get off at Gugong stop.

Best time for sightseeing: walk out of the north gate of the Palace Museum, and you will get to the south gate of Jingshan Park across the road. You’d better visit the park on a sunny day. It is suggested to enter the park at around 5:30 pm after having fully appreciated the Forbidden City, as the sun usually goes down at about 6:00 pm in autumn in Beijing.


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