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One Day Tour in Tianjin's Heping District: Anshan Street - Nanshi Cuisine Street


First stop: Anshan Street, Former Residences of Celebrities Anshan Street would be the start of our excellent visiting on the second day. Formerly known as Gongdao Street, Anshan Street is the location of many former residences represented by Zhangyuan Garden, Jingyuan Garden and former residence of Duan Qirui. Zhangyuan Garden, which is the current Children's Library of Tianjin, is formerly owned by Zhang Bian, "General Jianwei" of the Republic of China. Located on the same street, not far away from Zhangyuan Garden, Jingyuan Garden was the lodging place in Tianjin of Pu Yi, the last emperor of China. Three yards are set together with each other; interior decoration is very exquisite that major rooms are mainly equipped with chair rail, closet, antique-and-curio shelves and bookshelf. "Duan's Mansion", the former residence of Duan Qirui, is a three-storey classic style western building equipped with grand colonnade.

Recommending duration: 2-3h

Second stop: Nanshi Cuisine Street, delicacies and folks It is not so much a street as a "town". Qing style ancient gate tower is equipped with four arches with four boards inscribed separately with "Zhen Yu", "Xing Ge", "Zhong Sheng" and "Hua Ying". It is like a giant museum of delicacies gathering all kinds of delicacies of China. Besides representative restaurants of major styles of cooking in China, there are also various local snacks suiting both young and old, both refined and popular tastes. Famous brands include Dafulao Guo Ba Cai, Guangxingcheng Mian Cha, Stewed Fishes with Fried Corn Pancakes, Beans Zhang and Nuts Zhang, etc. "Food is the paramount necessity of the people." So, don't forget to take some famous snacks as souvenir when going back.

Recommending duration: 1-2h

From western buildings to ancient streets, from modern downtown to folk corners, Heping District covers all custom and habits of Tianjin; from cross talk to opera, from high end shopping mall to distinctive block, Heping District is more like a tree with luxuriant foliage.

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