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Baiwangshan Forest Park Puts on Bright Yellow Blanket


Some attractions are full of people and you can hardly see red leaves. However, you will be fully satisfied with Baiwangshan Forest Park,where a great varieties of red-leaf trees are planted.The Red Leaves Festival is held every year. During the festival, the red-leaf forests covering nearly a thousand mu (about 66.7 hectares) contend in beauty with bright and delightful red leaves. Smoke trees are flourishing and provide a vast area of red leaves to be appreciated in autumn. Ingot maple trees (acertruncatums) are named after the ingot-like fruits. It is delightful to see many "ingots" hanging below reddish yellow maple leaves. Torch trees look like torches burning in the mountains. Persimmon trees never yield to others. They are all dressed in red. After the first frost, the red leaves blanket the mountains and form picturesque scenery.

Ticket: 6 yuan. The best time for sightseeing: mid-October to mid-November

Traffic Guide: better known as Wang'er Mountain among natives, Baiwangshan Forest Park is one of the nearest forest parks to downtown Beijing, just 3km north to the Summer Palace. Take bus 330, 697 or 718 at Yiheyuan Stop and get off at Heishanhubeikou Stop, or take bus 722 at Xizhimen Stop and get off at Baiwangshan Stop

Self-driving: drive to the west of Xiaoying Bridge on the Badaling Expressway and take Malianwa North Road, or drive to the north of the Hongshan Bridge on the Fifth Ring Road and take Heishanhu Road.


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