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Gingko Avenue in Ditan Park


The Gingko Avenue in Ditan Park is the oldest one in Beijing. The gingko trees in the park seem older than those at Diaoyutai. It is said that some of the trees were planted when the park was established. Without being disturbed by the busy traffic as you will be outside the wall of the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse, you can take your time to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the park. When autumn falls, it attracts many residents to photograph and appreciate the scenery of autumn. Enter the Ditan Park from the west gate and go directly to the north zone, and you will see the breathtaking Gingko Avenue. There are also plenty of ginkgo trees at the north side of the Ditan Park, in an alley connecting Qingniangou Road and Xiaohuangzhuang Road.

Ticket: 2 yuan. The best time for sightseeing: late October - early November

Traffic Guide: west gate of the park: Metro Line 5, bus 18, 27, 104, 108, 113, 119, 124, 201, 328, 358, 407, 417 (branch), 758, 803, 850, 858, 912, 415, 847, or 849. South gate of the park: Metro Line 5, bus 44, 62, 13, 116, 406, 606, or 807


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