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Home Like Courtyards in Beijing Suburb


What is the most important part for a journey?Are they folk customs on the way or intimate friends by the side? Embark on a delicacy journey or broaden the horizon? ... Or is it an intriguing and pleasant hotel? The two courtyards may satisfy you.

Stone Castles over Cloud - Yunshang Shiwu Hotel 云上石屋

Perched on Pofengling at Fangshan, Yunshang Shiwu Hotel is designed with ten yards. Nestling among mountains, these yards lie scattered around, just like a string of stone castles. Verdant mountains stretching away into the endless distance, Pofengling rises above the clouds, from which this homestay takes its name as “Yun Shang Shi Wu”.

At here, each yard has an interesting name. There are Apple Yard, Pomegranate Yard, Plum Yard, Crabapple Yard, Mountain Peach Yard, Ansu Apricot Yard, Hawthorn Yard, Cherry Yard, Sorb Yard and Persimmon Yard. Each of them has its own style.

Its well-equipped rooms, exquisite decor, quaint furniture and queen-size wooden beds with chick design would impress you. Rustic charm pervades every corner from courtyards, mountains, villages, rivers to footpath.

Basking in autumn color radiance, Pofengling looks more graceful in this season. At dawn and dusk, it would embrace its most charm. At here, you can climb mountains, wander around, take a walk on the steel cable bridge in mountains, appreciate mountain scenery, hearken to melodious chirping, have an encounter with lively squirrels or explore unfrequented paths. All would indulge you in uniquely idyllic joy.

Price: 960-2600 yuan

Address: Pofengling, Huangshandian Village, Zhoukoudian Town, Fangshan District, Beijing 北京市房山区周口店镇黄山店村坡峰岭

Self-drive Route: drive on Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao Expressway G4 (the former Beijing-Shijiazhuang Expressway) from Dujiakan for about 18 kilometers, drive down at Yancun tollgate, keep to the left towards Jingzhou Road, after a 16.5-kilometer drive, turn left, drive on Zhouzhang Road, after a 4.6-kilometer drive, turn right, drive on Xinsi Road for 6.5 kilometers, keep to the left, and after a 1.1-kilometer drive, arrive at ZhoukoudianPofengling Scenic Area.

Yin Courtyard 大隐于市

Transformed from a spare farmhouse by its owner passionate for design, the Yin Courtyard is a paradise for having fun with friends. The name Yin means to stay away from the hustle and bustle of cities and live with tranquility.

Here, without secular disturbing, your heart is soaked with natural scenery and everything enjoyable. Arrangement is made with sincerity, and each angle brings you distinctive views. The five rooms with various styles all features simplicity, cleanness, coziness and elegance, where you can relax yourself and sleep with reassurance. Refreshing yourself and welcoming the brand new morning with bright sunshine in this hotel, it is a little but certain happiness.

You can also enjoy yourself in the swing bed in the courtyard, bathing in the sunshine and letting your mind fly under the starry sky in evenings. It is also delightful to enjoy the cool under the umbrella, chatting and having some snacks for tea.


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