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Popular Chongqing-style Hotpot in Beijing


When mentioned hotpot in China, Chongqing style hotpot is a must-try. We have listed several hotpot restaurants for you to choose.

Spicy House

The exterior decoration is in ancient style, and the plate on the doorway is filled with various kinds of “heroic posts”. The condiment is an integral part of the Sichuan-style Hot Pot. In this store, the mode of condiment self-selection is adopted as that of other hot pot stores.

Special recommendations include Yuzhi Lamb Meat, Spicy House Sliced beef and Spicy House Diamond-type Lamb Meat. All of these are very delicious. Among the Snakehead fish fillets, Huanghou (Scalded Aorta) and goose intestines, the Snakehead fish fillets are very fresh, and its meat quality is fine and smooth. The goose intestine is one of the dishes necessarily must ordered, and its plate is placed very exquisitely. The color of this dish in the store is the same with as that in Chengdu, while the size is smaller than that in Chengdu. However, in Beijing, this one is rare for its fresh dishes. It tastes the same as ordinary goose intestine but feel much crunchier when chewed.

Add.: 3.3 Mansion, Sanlitun, Chaoyang District, Beijing 北京市朝阳区三里屯3.3大厦

HI Spicy Hot Pot

This is a hot pot restaurant set up by Deng Jiajia who once played a role in a TV play called “iPARTMENT”. The business in the hot pot restaurant of this beautiful Sichuan girl is very busy and flourishing. The specialty dish is HI Spicy Fish which cannot be missed. The fish is pickled and covered with crushed red chilies. It can be eaten after being boiled for a while, and is fresh and tender in chili oil. The goose intestine is delicious, and you had better to rinse and boil it up and down for three times; then, dip it in flavored sesame oil, and you will exclaim that how delicious the food is!

Add.: No. 112, Xiang'er Hutong (Beixinqiao Station) 香饵胡同112号(北新桥地铁)

Chongqing Chao Tian Men(CTM) Hot Pot

Tables and chairs are placed neatly, and tableware is also neat, which gives people a refreshing feeling. It is very spacious, comfortable and well-decorated inside. Decorations, such as lightings, are well matched, providing comfortable dining experience. The taste is always nice. It is really good and hot enough. This store’s business is good.

Add.: Close to No. 10, Zhushikou West Street, Xicheng District (Hufangqiao Road Junction) 西城区珠市口西大街临10号 (虎坊桥路口)

Yang Hot Pot

The store is located in one-family courtyard, which is a symbol of private taste. Stepping in the door, you will see the classical wooden chairs and tables of strong Chongqing taste, just like a small restaurant in Chongqing. It is the most authentic soup base without any doubt. We can taste Chongqing hot pot without going out of the house based on raw materials flown in from Chongqing and more than 10 years of cooking experience of the Chongqing Chef. There are three kinds of soup base for selection, i.e. very spicy, and medium spicy and slightly spicy ones. You can select your favorite soup base and then enjoy crisp and fresh instant-boiled mutton, crisp yellow catfish or freshly-made bullfrog, fully and delightfully. Condiments also play an important role in hot pot, and we specially recommend “Yang’s special sauce dish”, a kind of secretly-made condiment with special taste. It is believed that the taste must be extraordinary by virtue of this pure Chongqing pot and secretly-made condiment.

Add.: Xingfu Erli, Chunxiu Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing (adjacent to Jiezuo Building) 北京市朝阳区春秀路幸福二里(杰座大厦旁)


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