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2018 Beijing Rye Music Festival Releases Lineup, with Presale Starting Soon!


On September 23-24, the first Rye Music Festival will be held at Changyang Music Theme Park. With three stages and 40 bands and musicians inside and outside China, Rye will gather rare performers and bring you a dream live performance. The Rye Music Festival will not only create an audio-visual feast for everyone, but also incorporate humanistic care. Based on the concept of "Lady First" and "Nature First", it themes "Living in the City and Dreaming for the Rye”, with the hope to create a utopian paradise full of "love and peace" in the Mid-Autumn Festival, where the audience can get close to nature.

Traffic Guide: Five shuttle bus routes, departing from Dongzhimen Station, Sihui Station, Wudaokou Station, Majiabao Station, and Wukesong Station, respectively. Besides, there are free ferry buses at Liba Station of Fangshan Line. Please come by bus or use other public transport means as far as possible to avoid traffic congestion and for the purpose of energy conservation and emission reduction.

Ticket Information

2018 Beijing Rye Music Festival offers the following tickets:

One-day student tickets: 240 yuan (enter with the student ID)

Advance one-day tickets: 300 yuan

Advance two-day tickets: 520 yuan

On-site one-day tickets: 360 yuan

One-day VIP tickets: 600 yuan


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